What is IPMM?
The Institute of People Management Malawi (IPPM) is professional body whose main objective is to promote the Human Resource Management in Malawi.

IPMM was the guiding force behind the introduction of in-country training facilities for Malawians. It provided these training facilities on a voluntary basis for several years before promoting the establishment of the Human Resources in 1964. The Human Resources was also instrumental in putting in place the



Human Resources Act. (It was Human Resource’s members who drafted the Act) and creating the Malawi Human Resources Board.


The IPMM has contributed and continues to contribute significantly to the development of certain legislation. Its members are well represented on the boards of several statutory bodies and hold many important positions within the country. IPMM has at all times been an entirely non political body.

Upcoming Events:

4th to 6th November, 2010
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